Karyn Zuidhof

Registered Psychologist

Psychology Services

What is counselling psychology?

Counselling Psychology occurs between a psychologist and client in a supportive, confidential and collaborative environment. The psychologist uses empirically validated tools and techniques to address people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours to create lasting change. Psychologists often teach tools and skills, helping clients use what they’ve learned to continue to invest in themselves outside of therapy. 

Who can benefit from counselling?

Anyone can attend and benefit from counselling. Some clients come for counselling to work on major life stressors, while others might come to maintain mental and emotional wellness, or deal with specific concerns impacting their lives. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or are looking to make some changes in your life and would like tools, insight and support to help, you may benefit from counselling.

How are psychologists trained?

In Alberta, psychologists have either a Masters or Doctorate degree, with a minimum of 7-11 years of education, training, and internships / residency based on the practice and science of psychology. Psychologists are regulated by the College of Alberta Psychologists and follow ethics codes and standards of practice, ensuring continuing quality care and competence. 

What are common concerns a psychologist can help with?

Depression, anxiety, generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, panic and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Weight loss, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

Stress prevention and management, relationship concerns, creating change, life.

Is a psychologist covered by my benefits program?

Psychology services are a regulated health profession and may be covered by your benefits program, insurance, and be tax deductible. Please contact your insurance or benefits provider for more information about your specific program.

How do I know if a psychologist is a good fit for me?

Psychologists and clients work together. A good fit between a psychologist and client is important, and can affect the outcome of therapy. A good fit refers to your level of comfort, rapport and ease with your psychologist. Book in today for a free fifteen minute in person or phone consult today, and ask about your specific concerns to help decide for yourself.